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FLOCKS groups are small group Bible studies led by Providence members. They include prayer, worship, and sharing of what God is doing in our lives.

The name “FLOCKS” is an acrostic that serves to remind us why we are meeting.

Fellowshipa place for friendship 
In a world where we struggle with hardship and sin, FLOCKS groups seek to be places where people and relationships can be rewoven through the restoring power of the Gospel.

Leadership Traininga place where gifts are exercised
FLOCKS groups are places where spiritual gifts, including a vision for ministry and service, can be discovered and developed.

Outreacha place to discover Christianity
FLOCKS groups are places where those seeking truth can be invited and encouraged to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Caringa place of mutual ministry
The Bible tells us to encourage, serve, rejoice with, weep with, correct, instruct, sing to, build up, accept, and love one another, and FLOCKS groups provide opportunities to fulfill those commands.

Knowledge of Christa place of growth in the Gospel
In each FLOCKS group we expect to experience Jesus Christ in our midst, in His presence and power, ministering to us and through us to one another, as He promised.

Servicea place of sacrificial love
In our FLOCKS groups, we seek to display the sacrificial love the Bible calls us to by providing opportunities to bring healing and restoration to those around us.

How do I join a FLOCKS group?
The current list of FLOCKS groups can be found each week printed in the Sunday morning bulletin. A complete list can also be given to you by calling the church office. All groups are open to visitors.

Start by choosing a group that best fits your schedule and location. Feel free to visit it several times before making a decision to join or perhaps try another group. 

For more information, please call the Church Office at (239) 549-5556 or click the following link to send a message on our Contact Page.

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