FLOCKS groups are small gatherings of about six to twelve people, meeting in homes throughout the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area during the week. They are designed to be places where Christians apply the Gospel to their lives.

In FLOCKS groups people have the opportunity to come to know God, to experience His presence, share the unity of His Spirit with other believers, be spiritually nurtured and equipped through sharing His word, and released for God’s work in the world. The groups are led by members of the congregation who receive continued oversight and support.

FLOCKS have a rich and broad agenda. They are more than just Bible studies. They include prayer, worship, fellowship, the sharing of what God is doing in our lives, spiritual nurturing, accountability, and opportunities for service.

The name “FLOCKS” is an acrostic that serves to remind us why we are meeting.

Fellowship—a place for friendship 
FLOCKS meet for fellowship with Christ and each other. In a world where lives have been torn and frayed due to the ongoing results of sin, FLOCKS seek to be places where people and relationships can be rewoven through the restoring power of the Gospel. FLOCKS groups, like churches, should be the safest places on Earth.

Leadership Training—a place where gifts are exercised
FLOCKS are places where spiritual gifts, including a vision for ministry and service, are discovered and developed. Group participants are encouraged not merely to “consume,” but rather to invest themselves in relationships with group members, supporting each other in Christ. As groups grow, we desire to see leaders trained and equipped to start new FLOCKS groups and ministries in our community through Providence.

Outreach—a place to discover Christianity
FLOCKS groups are places where those seeking truth can be invited and encouraged to put their faith in Jesus Christ. They also serve as a place where we can remind one another of our call to share the Gospel and pray for those whom we are sharing the Good News that God has reconciled us to Himself in Jesus Christ.

Caring—a place of mutual ministry
We are told in Scripture to “encourage,” “serve,” “rejoice with,” “weep with,” “correct,” “instruct,” “sing to,” “build up,” “accept,” and “love” one another. These commands are best lived out in the personal relationships made possible in small group settings like FLOCKS. In turn, FLOCKS groups naturally become the front line of pastoral care at Providence as group members minister to one another.

Knowledge of Christ—a place of growth in the Gospel
In each FLOCKS group we expect to experience Jesus Christ in our midst, in His presence and power, ministering to us and through us to one another. The implications of our lives with Christ are broad—so broad that we cannot hope to understand them by ourselves. We need one another to help us apply the truth about the Gospel to our daily lives. As we study God’s word together, we help each other to open our lives to the Holy Spirit’s transforming power.

Service—a place of sacrificial love
Jesus was “powerful in word and deed” (Luke 24:19). As His followers, He calls us to love our neighbors not only “in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth” (1 John 3:18). Our FLOCKS groups seek to display this type of sacrificial love—caring for the poor, the downcast, and those who are hurting. They should have an “outward face,” and seek opportunities to provide healing and restoration to those around us.

How do I join a FLOCKS group?
The current list of FLOCKS groups can be given to you by calling the church office.  All groups are open to visitors. Start by choosing a group that best fits your schedule and location. Visit it several times before making a decision to join.  FLOCKS groups require your effort to become a rich and meaningful experience, but if you find that it’s not meeting your needs or you just don’t “click,” we invite you to try another group.  For more information, please call the Church Office at (239) 549-5556.